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Repair Shop

2023/24 REPAIR SHOP 

Conveniently located in our base facility, our repair shop will guarantee a better ride for your snowboard or skis. Stop by our full-service shop and let our certified technicians give your gear a tune-up. With over 35 combined years of experience, Red Lodge Mountain’s techs will help take your gear to the next level.


*Pricing subject to change

$8Buff Wax
A quick machine rub on application of wax.
Time Frame: 5 minutes
$25Hot Wax
A temperature specific wax is ironed into the base, scraped, buffed, and polished.
Time Frame: 30 minutes
$30Hot Box
In this treatment, waxed skis or board are inserted into a temperature controlled enclosed box, which is held at a set temperature for a set amount of time. This allows for the maximum amount of wax to penetrate into the base which leads to a faster more protected base.
Time Frame: Approximately 4 to 6 hours
$15Debur & Buff Wax
Looking for just a touch up? We'll smooth out your edges with a light grit diamond stone, then finish your boards off with a buff wax.
Time Frame: 30 minutes
$30Debur & Hot Wax
With a debur & hot wax, our tech will smooth out any dings on your edges and iron in a fresh coat of temperature specific wax to make your ride easy to control.
Time Frame: 30 minutes
$23Edge & Buff Wax
With this tune, our experienced technicians will re-cut your edge bevel and throw on a quick Buff Wax to get you out on the slopes fast.
Time Frame: 30 minutes
$40Edge & Hot Wax
With the Edge Tune & Hot Wax, our pros will re-cut and polish the edges of your boards and then iron, brush, and polish in a temperature specific wax to meet the current conditions.
Time Frame: 45 minutes
$60Full Tune
With a full tune, our certified ski techs will base sand your bases flat, p-tex any light scratches, re-cut and polish edges, stone grind structure back into the base, and iron, brush and polish a layer of wax into the base. **Includes one 1" core shot repair**
Time Frame: 1 hour
$70Full Tune & Hot Box
This is our premium full tune service plus a lap through our Hot Box to recondition and protect your bases. **Includes one 1" core shot repair**
Time Frame: 6-7 hours
$25Stone Grind
If you maintain your own gear and are missing that final touch, stop in and let us run your gear over our stone grinder to structure your base.
Time Frame: 5 minutes

*Pricing subject to change

$15 - Per InchCore Shot Repair
A scratch in your base that goes all the way to the core can ruin a otherwise good pair of skis or snowboard. It is important to get the base sealed as quickly as possible to protect the wood from deteriorating.
Time Frame: 30 minutes
$25 - Per Inch Edge Repair
Our techs have the skills and tools required to fix a broken or compressed edge and save your favorite setup. We recommend a full tune after this fix.
Time Frame: 24hrs
$15 Snowboard Binding Adjustment
Did you just buy a new setup or need your bindings switched from regular to goofy?
Time Frame: 10 minutes
$30Ski Binding Adjustment & Test
Our techs are certified to work with all major ski binding brands. We will properly set your boots to your bindings and test all release functions of the binding to make sure you have the best day possible on your gear. This service is recommended once a year.
Time Frame: 20 Min
$50Ski Binding Mount
We have never met a binding that we cannot mount perfectly. Remount or new setup, bring it into the shop and our techs will mount the binding, adjust to your boot, and test the release functions of the binding.
Time Frame: 1hr
Replacement Parts

*Pricing subject to change

Price Parts
$6Pole Basket
$6Pole Grip
$9Snowboard Buckle
$9Snowboard Strap
$15Ski Boot Buckle

Regardless of age, equipment can break. That’s why we carry a wide variety of replacement parts to get you back on the hill quickly. 

Please note that this list may not be comprehensive of our inventory. Stop by the rental shop or reach out via email if you need something not listed above.