Disc Golf

Course designed by Sawyer Bracy | Top Tier Disc Golf

Our Brand New 18-Hole Course!

Introducing Montana’s newest mountain Disc Golf Course! Starting at the top of the Stache Express, work your way through 18 holes of diverse terrain ranging from wide-open fairways to tight woods. The course is FREE to play at any time or day of the week, and lift tickets to the top of the course cost $10. (Available Friday-Sunday during the summer). Please be aware that the disc golf area is not patrolled outside of business hours and recreating is at your own risk. For more information please visit our Summer Safety Page.

Palisades 9

The first 9 holes take you through our Palisades terrain’s wooded sections with incredible views! Start at the top of the Stache Express, then work your way around some fan-favorite ski trails, and explore some zones you wouldn’t normally get to on your skis! Be sure to take a break to take in the views on Hole 7 before hiking back up towards Miami Beach.

Miami 9

Our Miami 9 starts with some long open fairways, then cascades through the Rabbit Trails and Big Fred’s, and finishes Showoff Alley for all to see from the Bierstube deck. No pressure! Be sure to have footwear suitable for hiking as holes 14-18 cover some rugged terrain!

Disc Rentals

Need to rent some discs? We’ve got you covered! Disc rentals are available Friday-Sunday from 10AM-5PM in the Bierstube.

Disc RentalsPrice
Basic Package (4 Discs)$15
Premium Package (4 Discs)$25

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