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As a partner of the Montana Ski Area Association, employees of Red Lodge Mountain can ski free at partner resorts across the state.

  • Full-time employees receive 3 x full-day lift tickets.
  • Part-time employees receive 2 x full-day lift tickets to the following areas.


*Big Sky Resort will only accept 1 from part-time or 2 from full-time MSAA employees*


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One of the perks of working at RLM is access to some great deals on ski/snowboard gear! Keep in mind that the discounts listed below are a privilege and should only be used for employees (not friends and family). Please follow the guidelines for each company so they will continue to generously offer us these deals. Restrictions below are determined by each individual company and not by RLM.


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At Red Lodge Mountain, our employees are what make us great. We strive to let you know (and more importantly make you feel) that you are a valued part of our team, which is why we have recognition programs in place where each season we give a shout-out to those who go above and beyond.


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Red Lodge Mountain is proud of its public image and strives to maintain high standards. Our guests’ first impression of our Company is through their contact with you. Please share our pride in RLM by adhering to the dress code policy listed below. The information below is not all inclusive and RLM reserves the right to address and request an employee change appearance to comply with RLM standards.

APPEARANCE. All employees are expected to be neatly dressed and well groomed. Clothing must be clean and unwrinkled at the beginning of the workday. The following is a list of items considered inappropriate working apparel; this list is not all-inclusive: · Flip-flops, that are a safety hazard · Clothing with holes or patches · Clothing with political slogans, offensive language, tobacco, alcohol, or other ski resort advertising

UNIFORMS. All employees will be issued uniforms that they will be required to wear during work hours. Employees are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their own uniform and are liable for excessive damage or loss. Employee uniforms must not be worn off premises or outside of working hours. Exceptions may be made to this policy for special events. Upon termination, all Company clothing and uniforms must be returned.

NAMETAGS.  Employees will be issued a name tag and are expected to wear it while on duty. Name tags are not to be altered, added to in any way, and are not to be worn off Company premises.

HAIR. Extreme hair color, styles, and accessories are not permitted.

FACIAL HAIR. Employees may opt to wear beards, sideburns, and mustaches. Facial Hair must be established prior to the start of the current season and must be neatly maintained. All other employees are expected to be clean-shaven every workday. JEWELRY. Stud nose piercings are the only acceptable facial piercings. Hoop and long dangly earrings should be limited for safety reasons. Jewelry should be in good taste and must not be blatantly offensive, have political implications, or present a hazard to your work. MAKEUP. Makeup should not be excessive. Perfumes and colognes should not be overbearing. PERSONAL HYGIENE. All employees shall maintain personal cleanliness and grooming habits that reflect a professional image for both the employee and RLM.