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Winter positions are posted in mid-August and summer positions are posted the end of March. Year-round positions are posted as they become available. Sign up for new position notifications here: If you are unable to fill out the online application or have questions, please contact [email protected] or call 406-446-2610 x106.

Please follow this link to the Snowsports/Ski School employment page for more information on qualifications and the hiring process. There is an on-snow hiring clinic at the start of each winter season.

Red Lodge Mountain is located 6 miles outside of Red Lodge, Montana. Red Lodge is a small community of around 2,500 year-round residents, located in south-central Montana.

    • From Billings and points east: Take Interstate 90 west to exit 434 (Laurel, MT). Follow Highway 212 west approximately 46 miles to the city of Red Lodge.
    • From Bozeman and points west: Take Interstate 90 east to Exit 408 (Columbus, MT). Follow Highway 78 south to Red Lodge.
    • From Cody, WY, and points south: Follow Highway 120 to Belfry, MT. Turn left onto Highway 308 and follow the signs to Red Lodge.
    • From Red Lodge, MT: Turn left onto Highway 212, and then right at the Red Lodge Mountain sign onto West Fork Rd/Ski Run Road. Follow Ski Run Road to the right at the fork 6 miles farther. We have an employee bus that shuttles employees up to the mountain on a daily basis.

Nestled within the Beartooth Mountains, Red Lodge Mountain delivers big mountain fun without the big crowds or big prices. We prize great skiing and great people over glitz and glamour, and nowhere is that more evident than in our diverse mix of terrain and friendly staff. Our skiers and riders think of us as their hometown ski resort, wherever they’re from.

If you like to live, work, and play in a ski town where everyone will know your name by the end of the season, Red Lodge, Montana is the kind of place that feels like home the moment you arrive. The person you sit with on your first chairlift ride of the day may become your best friend, and either runs into you at dinner that night, or is the one taking your dinner order. In Red Lodge, “ski bum” is an ideal, not an insult.

Winter sports abound and include alpine/telemark skiing, cross-country skiing, backcountry and summer skiing, hockey, and ice climbing. The town of Red Lodge maintains an outdoor skating rink with a fledgling hockey league. In the summer there are adult softball leagues and organized soccer for the kids. Located on the edge of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, the surrounding area offers hiking and backcountry trails galore. Fishing, golfing, kayaking, biking, and trail running opportunities are endless.
Just 6 miles from downtown Red Lodge, the area boasts over 70 trails, including mellow cruisers, steep chutes, and two terrain parks. Not to mention beautiful views of five mountain ranges spreading across Montana and Wyoming.

For more information, visit:

Red Lodge Mountain typically opens the day after Thanksgiving and closes the second Sunday in April. Red Lodge Mountain Golf Course opens Memorial Day Weekend (weather permitting) and closes the end of September.

Employees must commit to at least 38 days per season, or an equivalent of 2 days per week to receive a free season pass.

An employee may hired to work fewer than 30 calendar days throughout the season. These temp employees will receive one day loaded on their pass for each day worked in the employ of RLM. These days are non-transferable and only for use by the employee. Employee will also receive 2 full-day ticket and rental friendship vouchers. Employees will pay our best early season pass price offered for their spouse and their dependents 18 years and under who live within the household of the RLM employee.

Employees who have worked 2 consecutive winter seasons and are in good standing can receive a free golf pass for themselves.

Employees who have worked 2 consecutive summer seasons and are in good standing can receive a free golf pass for themselves.

Unfortunately, there is not public transportation in Red Lodge. However, we do have an employee shuttle that travels to and from the mountain 7 days/week. Carpooling and ride-sharing are also encouraged.

Depending on the housing you’ve arranged (which we recommend arranging prior to your arrival), you may need to bring furnishings and kitchen supplies (i.e., bed, couch, pots, pans, utensils, etc.). If you are staying in employee housing, you will want to provide your own sheets and towels. The kitchens are stocked with general housewares. Money. Depending on your timing, it could be 3 weeks before you receive your first paycheck. In some cases, you may not work your full hours until the season is in full swing. Be prepared and give yourself a little wiggle room with your finances. Backpack/Travel Bag. You will be transporting clothing and gear back and forth to the mountain for various reasons. It is nice to have a bag to carry your belongings or lunch. I-9 Documentation. Bring originals, no copies or faxes, of your I-9 documents. Visit for a list of acceptable documents. Winter Clothing. 

The weather in Red Lodge can be extremely variable during all seasons so we recommend the following items:

    • Warm hat, waterproof mittens/gloves, and scarves/neck gator
    • Water proof winter coat and pants
    • Warm waterproof snow boots and very warm socks. Proper footwear is very important. The outdoor crews do a great job of shoveling and de-icing, but conditions can change quickly. Expect walkways to be icy and snow-covered, so select shoes or boots with good traction. Be prepared for all weather conditions, as our days can start out sunny with blue skies, and be snowing quite heavily by lunch time.
    • Multiple layers (i.e., long underwear, sweaters). Set aside your love of cotton flannel (or anything cotton) because it soaks up water and takes forever to dry out, which can be a disaster in cold weather.
    • Jeans or black pants (depending on position)
    • Ski or snowboard equipment Be sure to ask your new manager/supervisor about dress code or recommended clothing/footwear for the job you will be doing, especially if you’re working outdoors. They can give you some great tips for layering and staying warm and dry.
      Note: You can purchase everything in Red Lodge, if necessary.Click here to read more about how to dress for cold weather  

The holidays are our busiest times and we expect our employees to be available to work during these weeks. We do our best to make the work days enjoyable through company events and celebrations. The best time to have friends and family come visit is non-holiday times. You will have more free time to visit and ski, and you won’t have to wrestle with the crowds! Preferred Availability Dates (You must commit to at least two days/week on the schedule to receive a season pass)

    • Holiday Rush: December 19th, 2020 – January 2, 2021
    • President’s Week: February, 2021
    • Spring Break: March 15 – April 12, 2021

RLM offers health insurance to Full-Time/Year-Round (FTYR) employees starting at the time of hire. Seasonal employees can gain health insurance during their second full season, if working full-time during both seasons and through the off seasons. To be eligible for FTYR status, an employee has to work an average of at least 30 hours per week and at least 300 hours per season, begin work within the first three weeks of the season, and finish work within three weeks of the close of the season. To maintain their FTYR status, they must commit to and work full-time hours (30 hours/ week). For additional health insurance information, please contact the Human Resources department.

RLM is proud of its public image and strives to maintain high standards. Our guests’ first impression of our Company is through their contacts with you. Please share our pride in RLM by adhering to the dress code policy listed below. The information below is not all inclusive and RLM reserves the right to address and request an employee change appearance to comply with RLM standards.

APPEARANCE. All employees are expected to be neatly dressed and well groomed. Clothing must be clean and unwrinkled at the beginning of the workday. The following is a list of items considered inappropriate working apparel; this list is not all-inclusive:
· Flip-flops, that are a safety hazard
· Clothing with holes or patches
· Clothing with political slogans, offensive language, tobacco, alcohol, or other ski resort advertising

UNIFORMS. All employees will be issued uniforms that they will be required to wear during work hours. Employees are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their own uniform and are liable for excessive damage or loss. Employee uniforms must not be worn off premises or outside of working hours. Exceptions may be made to this policy for special events. Upon termination, all Company clothing and uniforms must be returned.

NAMETAGS. Employees will be issued a name tag and are expected to wear it while on duty. Name tags are not to be altered, added to in any way, and are not to be worn off Company premises.

HAIR. Extreme hair color, styles, and accessories are not permitted.

FACIAL HAIR. Employees may opt to wear beards, sideburns, and mustaches. Facial Hair must be established prior to the start of the current season and must be neatly maintained. All other employees are expected to be clean-shaven every workday.

JEWELRY. Stud nose piercings are the only acceptable facial piercings. Hoop and long dangly earrings should be limited for safety reasons. Jewelry should be in good taste and must not be blatantly offensive, have political implications, or present a hazard to your work.

MAKEUP. Makeup should not be excessive. Perfumes and colognes should not be overbearing.

PERSONAL HYGIENE All employees shall maintain personal cleanliness and grooming habits that reflect a professional image for both the employee and RLM.

DRUG AND ALCOHOL POLICY RLM is committed to a safe, healthy, and productive work environment for all employees, free from the effects of illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages. Abuse of drugs and alcohol impairs employee judgment resulting in increased safety risks, employee injuries, and faulty decision-making. Therefore:

    • To ensure a safe and productive work environment for our employees, customers, and clients, the sale, possession, transfer, use, working under the influence, or purchase of alcohol or a controlled substance on Company property or while performing Company business is strictly prohibited. Controlled substance means a dangerous drug, as defined US Department of Transportation, in 49 CFR, part 40, except a drug used pursuant to a valid prescription or as authorized by law.
    • Controlled substances for all purposes of this Policy include the drug commonly referred to as marijuana, regardless of whether the employee has obtained a registry identification card, or has been issued a written certification by a physician, pursuant to the Montana Medical Marijuana Act, or a similar act of any other state.
    • An employee may be asked to take a drug/alcohol test at any time if there is reasonable suspicion of impairment.
    • If an employee is using a legally prescribed drug, such as pain relief medication, that may affect the employee’s safety as well as the safety of others, he or she must notify the Human Resource Department to determine whether or not the employee can operate machinery, use certain tools, and or drive a vehicle to perform their job duties.
    • RLM has a zero tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy. Employees whose abilities are believed to be impaired because of the influence of drugs or alcohol will be relieved from work duties for that day and can be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

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