Winter Carnival

If you really want to know what makes Red Lodge tick, be here for Winter Carnival. A two-day party on spring snow with costumes, parades, live music, feats of daring, and lots and lots of duct tape, Winter Carnival is THE BEST party of the year. Or at least ‘til July rolls around.

Winter Carnival Events, Rules and Registration

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Please read all rules carefully. They will be strictly enforced.

We want you to have fun and your safety and the safety of the spectators is of the utmost importance to us.

Each participant must sign the liability release and indemnity agreement. If you have not, please let us know so we can have you sign it.  You are not allowed to race if you have not signed the agreement.

Please be aware of others around you, including other crafts and the spectators, as you descend down the course. You are responsible for stopping your craft after it crosses the finish line. DO NOT count on the safety fence at the bottom of the course to stop you; it is there as a last resort safety measure.

Be aware of the other crafts behind you that will be crossing the finish line and the ones in front of you that have already finished.  Have fun and be safe!


Entry Fee

# of Riders Allowed

Craft Weight Limit

Age 12 & Under

$10 per craft

1 – 3

150 lbs

Age 13 – 18

$15 per craft

1 – 3

150 lbs

Age 19+

$20 per craft

1 – 3

150 lbs


$35 per craft

4 required

250 lbs, but no less than 150 lbs

Cardboard Classic Race Rules

  1. Any costume considered unsafe (with hard or sharp pieces) must be removed before the race, although they will be allowed for the overall costume judging. Helmets are recommended for the race.

  2. Crafts competing in the categories of 12 & Under, Age 13 – 18, and Age 19 + may have no more than 3 riders.

  3. When there is more than one rider on a craft and the riders’ ages fall into different age categories, the craft will race and be judged based on the age of the oldest rider.

  4. Crafts must remain in the courtyard until lead by the race official to the start line.

  5. Contestants must pull their own crafts to the starting line at the base of the Willow Creek Chair by their own power. At the starting line, racers will line up in the order of categories listed above, starting with the youngest riders first.

  6. A push line will be established 10 feet beyond the start line. All racers will line up at the start line and anyone helping to push the craft must stop pushing or be in the craft before the craft crosses the push line.

  7. Contestants are responsible for controlling the speed and direction of their craft, including stopping at the finish. All crafts MUST have and make use of a braking system.

  8. A craft is not considered "finished" until the entire craft and all crew members, including those left behind on the course, have completely crossed the finish line.

  9. Winners will be determined at the finish line, and awards will be handed out to 1st and 2nd place finishers at that time. Results will be announced publicly on the Bierstube deck at 3:00 pm. 

Unlimited Class—Additional Rules

  1. The Unlimited class entrants will be determined by the judges based on: 1) A craft weight of at least 150 lbs & no more than 250 lbs; 2) A total of 4 riders (no more, no less), with no riders younger than 19 years old; and 3) The craft and riders must exhibit the theme of the carnival.

  2. A push line will be established 10 feet beyond the start line. All crafts will line up at the start line and riders are the only ones allowed to push. All riders must stop pushing and be in the craft before the craft crosses the push line.

Registration for the 2015 Winter Carnival will open in early February 2015!