Town Series Race League

This year's races are brought to you in part by Big Sky Brewing Co.  Each team will be enjoying a free pitcher of their craft brew each Friday! 

Big Sky Brewing Co will also be putting up a pair of Atomic Skis to be awarded at the last Town Series party. How do you win these sweet boards?  Simply show up and race; for each week you race during the 6 weeks of racing, we'll enter your name into the drawing. Race all 6 weeks and your name gets entered into the drawing 6 times.

2014 Sponsors and Information

  • Week 1 Party - Blue Ribbon Bar


    January 3 - Results at 6pm

  • Week 2 Party - Bridge Creek


    January 10 - Results at 6pm

  • Week 3 Party - The Pub


    January 17 - Results at 6pm

  • Week 4 Party - Rock Creek Resort


    January 24 - Results at 6pm

  • Week 5 Party - Sam's Tap Room


    January 31 - Results at 6pm

  • Week 6 Party - Pizza Company


    Febraury 7 - Results at 6pm

Red Lodge Mountain Resort Town Series RaceWhat is the Town Series?

Whether you’re the kind of person who needs to know who the best skier or boarder in town really is, or someone who just wants a good excuse to get out on the slopes once a week, Red Lodge Mountain’s Town Series is for you. A very popular and long standing tradition, Town Series is one of the best ways to make Red Lodge Mountain your home during the ski season.

Town Series is six consecutive weeks of racing, with racers competing in teams or as individuals. Teams must be coed, and can consist of any mix of 4-6 skiers or snowboarders. Races take place on Bobcat (a beginner run), and the course layout, which changes each week, is typically a giant slalom course with 12-18 gates. It is always designed with the novice in mind, and it's a very low-intimidation atmosphere with absolutely no racing experience required. All racers run the gates twice each Friday, and the day’s racing is capped off with a party and awards ceremony at 6 p.m.

When is the Town Series?

Town Series runs from the first week of January to the 2nd week of February. All competitors must take both their runs between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on race days.

How is the Racing Scored?

The best of your two runs in the first week is the qualifier, after which you are placed into one of several categories based on gender, equipment (ski, snowboard, or telemark), and time. Racers compete against others within their category, but also compete as a team. Each week, the 4 racers on each team with the fastest times within their categories are awarded points, and these points are used to calculate the team’s points for that week.

Throughout the racing season we track the times of all skiers, snowboarders, and telemarkers within each category. These times form the cumulative points for each team, the cumulative time for each team, and for fun (not for points), are compared to the times of all racers. 

Are there Prizes?

You bet there are. Town Series has a loyal following of racers and sponsors, so we’re able to give out great prizes every week. And prizes don’t just go to the fastest racers - there are a variety of ways to walk away with something, including a random raffle of schwag each Friday night.